USC Information Technology Program (ITP), Lecturer

Spring 2011  ITP-370 Information Security Management

Understand the challenges decision makers face with information security; appreciate the role of policy development; learn the fundamentals of security frameworks and how they are utilized in corporate and government environments; articulate the building blocks of project management and how the disciple integrates with information security management; understand how risk management processes play a key role in security investments; articulate the importance of business continuity; develop an understanding of how investments in security are driven by compliance needs

UCLA Extension, Lecturer

Spring 2011 X 418.635A E-Commerce: Technology and Strategy

Using e-commerce, corporations, governments, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are creating new services, generating new revenue streams, bringing in new customers, and better satisfying existing ones. E-commerce is pervasive, affecting online shopping, billing, social media, entertainment, marketing, and more. Learn about all aspects of the technologies, strategies, and legal aspects of e-commerce, including B2B, B2C, C2C, and m-commerce; Internet business models; Internet infrastructure; search engine technology; online marketing; payment systems; Internet security; mobile/wireless markets; social networking (blogs, wikis); and legal aspects.

Spring 2010 X 418.635A E-Commerce: Technology and Strategy

Winter 2008 418.60 Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture

Fall 2007 418.60 Introduction to Client/Server Computing

Summer 2007 X 418.60 Introduction to Client/Server Computing

Carnegie Mellon University, Teaching Assistant

Spring 2007 17-749/46-866  Mobile and Pervasive Computing Services

Fall 2006 17-667/46-861 Information Security and Privacy


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